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Chilow is a DJ/producer from Botswana in a small village called sefhare (Tswapong) county based in kasane.He stated making music early 2016 and his first project was released under kemet soul records from (UK) ,title Mulye,and has worked with likes of Dave anthony under his label called kemet soul records (UK) ,Antonellocoghe under his label called Uncover music (Italy) ,Mavek recordings (NewYork ) And OBENMUSIK.

Chilow his shared stages with likes of Prince kaybee(SA) and Team Distant (Bw)and many more. Chilow is looking forward to release more music he his been producing and continuously developing his own unique style. Through dedication and creativity he has made a name for herself across the spectrum of electronic music .Using the deeper elements of house and afro Melodic .Chilow sets the tone for a journey through various influential genres.

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