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Dangello always looks to create amazing sounds and melodies, music for him is an art. Developing his musical skills at an early age playing in band as bassplayer, drummer and also has a audio enginner. This musician is a qualified audio engineer that is building is way to become himself a music producer, performer and an ambassador for Electronic Music.

"Dangellodj" name is dedicated to his father that passed away in Abril 2017, Angelo was is father name and is an important reference to Rui (dangellodj real name).

Dangellodj is building his career in music on a Step by Step basis, the people that listens to his music, connects immediately with him. Today's dangellodj is part of Logic Soul Pro & Techno Lisbon and he also have partnership with Move Ibiza and Radio Horizonte Algarve.

Station: Move Ibiza Radio  City: Ibiza  Country: Spain

Monthly Show from: Thursdays  Broadcast: 08.00 to 09.00 pm (+1 UTC)

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Emili Ferrer | Ibiza (Illes Ballears) SPAIN
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