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Music NonStop

Music Nonstop mixed by myself (Lilly Tima) is a mixture of different types of genres like Afro house/tech, deep house, Tribal etc. A 1hour set that can give you an African experience.

Anathi Tima born on the 31st of December 1996, who is known by his stage name LILLY TIMA.Is an afro house Dj located in Cape Town khayelitsha. LILLY TIMA's love for music started back in 2011 with the influence of Dj Shimza, Dj fresh, Oskido and many more. He was also influenced by his mother who was a radio Dj back in the late 90s.His journey of learning how to Dj start late 2011 using DJ MIXER which was an app that was installed only on Nokia c1 and c2 phones. Since then he had done so much to this industry and also has shared stages with alot of big brands in the industry like Shimza, Floyd Lavin and many more. 2021 he was lucky to be accepted at Bridges for music (music institute), where he was learning more about music production, brand managment etc.

Station: Move Ibiza Radio  City: Ibiza  Country: Spain

Monthly Show from: Mondays  Broadcast: 09.00 to 10.00 am (+1 UTC)

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