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Into The Woods

Passionate about Deep House,Organic House, Downtempo and Electronic Underground music, IVANG creates special mixes after lots of years learning Music Creation and Production. He collected learnings from different music schools like DJPSCHOOL, INTED where he met some of the best DJs from the international scene. Now he has become part of the Hyatt Hotels Resorts group as rooftop resident DJ.

Originally from Melilla, a small city on the North African coast, he is influenced by tribal and Arabic sounds. Even though he is in constant evolution, his sets are different and characterized by his personal background. This, merged with his large experience transformed his sets into a characteristic brand reference.

Currently exploring classic and instrumental music to improve his productions, all sets are “mixed and selected to give a little bit of sea salt into your ears” Enjoy the beats!

Station: Move Ibiza Radio  City: Ibiza  Country: Spain

Monthly Show from: Mondays  Broadcast: 02.00 to 03.00 pm (+1 UTC)

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Emili Ferrer | Ibiza (Illes Ballears) SPAIN
+34 961 874 92
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