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Roger Sanchez

Hi guys - Welcome to the Release Yourself by Roger Sanchez. From here you can hear the latest Reelase Yourself Radio show each week. You will be notified via instagram @moveibiza when the show is programmed and guest artists of every week.

Roger Sanchez presents 120 mins of the Worlds Best House Music of the moment.

Release Yourself with world renowned DJ, Producer, Radio and Podcast hosted by Roger Sanchez

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Station:  Move Ibiza Radio  City:  Ibiza  Country:  Spain

Weekly Show every: Sundays  Broadcast: 01.00 pm to 03.00 am (+1 UTC)

The Best Electronic Music Of The World!


24/7 of non stop amazing electronic music.

From Ibiza to the world!!!

Emili Ferrer | Ibiza (Illes Ballears) SPAIN
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